The Wait and See Feat. Wombaticus Rex

from by The Nektones

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the wait and see
will probably be the death of me
oh, jealousy
don't really wanna talk about it

when I come, up seeing you creepin'
you should be sleeping tight
coming home late, been out with your friends
dressed for a candle light

always saying you're too busy
but whats that got to do with me?

making excuse, your love is ruthless, it leaves me paralyzed
pleasure or pain, never the same, scandaled and vandalized
you make it hard to keep an open mind.

the wait and see
will probably be the death of me
oh, jealousy
don't really wanna talk about it

i gave everything that I could my love
saved every penny I could my love, for you
I slaved and I suffered for you, my love
but still every gesture was not enough

----wombaticus rex------

holding on to these lonely songs
because it's all we know
like love em, lose em, watch em go
it's nothing new to rock and roll

the sticky in-between that we live in breath
is something different though
the rhythms slower
got us drifting closer like it isn't over

ain't saying that I struggle with it
baby girl, I love your visits
but still believe, that if you stick with me
that's just a dumb decision

so no complaining, no bellyaching
or saying it's never sunny
but we've been split up for an easy six months
and I see you still come in my bed, it's funny

take what you get
wait for the text and stay for the second serving
she trained me to fetch, made me a threat
then made me a better person

that's nothing but words now
love that I burned down
wasn't my finest moment

never could change it
heavy to face it
but i still try and own it

now how're we supposed to heal
up until the point that we know for real that its over?
that's why we both need some serious closure

so I'm staying tuned to the waiting room
ok, its true-- I admit it

But I figure there's worse ways to die
then wasting time with beautiful women


from Proof of Concept, released June 8, 2013



all rights reserved


The Nektones Vermont

The NEKtones are a Soul/R&B quintet with a musical palette defined by the landscape of the North East Kingdom of Vermont.

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