Proof of Concept

by The Nektones

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amazing indie jazz-soul fusion from vermont's northeast kingdom. Favorite track: Missing the Point.
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All Songs Written and Produced by The Nektones, 2013
Recorded at Signal Kitchen, Burlington VT
The Kave, Burlington VT
Akin Studios, Bennington, VT

Mixed and Engineered by Walter Westinghouse
Assistant Engineer: Sam Johnson
Assistant Engineer on "Got A Way": Jason Beck
Mastered by Gil Tamazyan at Capsule Labs, Los Angeles California

Cover Photograph, "B4 the Kiss" courtesy of Tobias Batz NY, NY

Layout and Design by Kyle Tierce
for the Memetic Supply Co., Boston, MA

Thank you:
Signal Kitchen, The Kave, Akin Studios, Bootyjuice, The Jennifer Hartswick Band, Viscus, Electric Sorcery, The World Around Records Crew. Infinite love and gratitude to our friends and family as well as every single Kickstarter contributor for your continued love and support: we could not have done this without you.
© NEKTONES 2013, All Rights Reserved


released June 8, 2013

The Nektones are:
Matt Scott- Vocals, Guitar
Alex Wolston- Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Vocals
Nathanael Reynolds- Bass Guitar
Micah Carbonneau- Drums, Vocals
Peter Krag- Keys
Walter Westinghouse- Mixing Engineer

With special guests:
Luke Laplant- Bari Sax on tracks 2,3,5,7,8
Wombaticus Rex- MC on track 4
Heather Sommerlad- Violin on track 8
John Westinghouse- Spoken word on track 1



all rights reserved


The Nektones Vermont

The NEKtones are a Soul/R&B quintet with a musical palette defined by the landscape of the North East Kingdom of Vermont.

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Track Name: Wait Until the Moment
waiting for the day
that everything I've wanted finally comes my way
through memories that we've made
then you walk on out the door
saying don't come round no more
and I question what its for
and where we've come

feeling it today
is it really worth it, how we play these games?
lessons learned again
but I know i'll find the truth
cause it's worth it all for you
telling everyone I see
you're with me

wait until the moment you see her
there is something in her that does not lie
wait until the moment you see her
there is something in her you can't deny

wake up early in the morning
cup of juice, cup of coffee, cup of tea
it doesn't matter- if it's got caffeine
then it gets me out the door

showered, now i'm hitting the town
chasing down a song i've got to sing
and it makes me want you more

wonder if its worth my time
worth the reason or the rhyme
too rare to refuse

wonder if you change your mind will you decide to then be mine
and pass on the news?

wait until the moment you see her
there is something in her that does not lie
wait until the moment you see her
there is something in her you can't deny
Track Name: The Wait and See Feat. Wombaticus Rex
the wait and see
will probably be the death of me
oh, jealousy
don't really wanna talk about it

when I come, up seeing you creepin'
you should be sleeping tight
coming home late, been out with your friends
dressed for a candle light

always saying you're too busy
but whats that got to do with me?

making excuse, your love is ruthless, it leaves me paralyzed
pleasure or pain, never the same, scandaled and vandalized
you make it hard to keep an open mind.

the wait and see
will probably be the death of me
oh, jealousy
don't really wanna talk about it

i gave everything that I could my love
saved every penny I could my love, for you
I slaved and I suffered for you, my love
but still every gesture was not enough

----wombaticus rex------

holding on to these lonely songs
because it's all we know
like love em, lose em, watch em go
it's nothing new to rock and roll

the sticky in-between that we live in breath
is something different though
the rhythms slower
got us drifting closer like it isn't over

ain't saying that I struggle with it
baby girl, I love your visits
but still believe, that if you stick with me
that's just a dumb decision

so no complaining, no bellyaching
or saying it's never sunny
but we've been split up for an easy six months
and I see you still come in my bed, it's funny

take what you get
wait for the text and stay for the second serving
she trained me to fetch, made me a threat
then made me a better person

that's nothing but words now
love that I burned down
wasn't my finest moment

never could change it
heavy to face it
but i still try and own it

now how're we supposed to heal
up until the point that we know for real that its over?
that's why we both need some serious closure

so I'm staying tuned to the waiting room
ok, its true-- I admit it

But I figure there's worse ways to die
then wasting time with beautiful women
Track Name: What Do You Say?
Oh you make me weak so that i can hardly speak and im ok with that
less certain is the fact the way you make me feel like crap then walk away again.
ask a penny for my thoughts, then you took a couple more
decide my money's no good and you throw it on the floor
and tell me no hard feelings as your fingers clutch the knob upon the door

so what do you say to the one that walked away?
and what do you say to the one that walked away?
and what do you say to the one that walked away?
Bye bye bye bye bye.....

Oh you make me weak so that I can hardly speak and thats become a curse
cause every time i get ahead i swear that you may strike me dead or maybe worse
lend a sympathetic ear and set yourself up for defeat
rationalize the situation till your throats too sore to speak
twist my words into a mound of dirt and tell me its my turn to sweep
Track Name: Missing the Point
Dropped to my shoulder like a ball of led
heavy on the corner of my body
and shit cant help but hit the fan from time to time its said
and i've got no vested interest in blowing
but i guess it could have been across the head instead
sing halelujia, amen!

Assess the scenario with softly spoken flow
a murmur made to gesture at the will good men impose
but fuck it if that will should leave me unfulfilled

Is there no common ground, between the action and the sound
or am I just missing the point?

Dropped to my shoulder like a ball of led
leaving me with no other oppinion
then that which leaves you ill
in stomach and in will
the wonders never cease to leave their mark felt.
Track Name: Baby Doll
Baby Doll
when you put your love on the window
to cool configure itself
theres no doubt that some fortunate derelict
should cruise along and have off with it

Baby doll
i know a mistake when I see it
and you swear you've nothing to hide
so I confide
that criticisms on my tounge
taste of bitter cinnamon
with the sugar on the side

you make it too damn easy
and i should know better
but I'll play the fool again, cause baby doll is smarter
you say you'll never leave me then lead me to slaughter
i pray you'll take it easy
cause loving you is murder

so baby doll
chances are if you're still listenin
then you know im the forgiving type
but if you've got one thin shred of decency then you'll do your best to humor me and close your windows tight
my baby doll, baby doll.
Track Name: Three Views
And thats one way of looking
into the other end of
a spectrum we can look at
to seek and dissect love

they tell me how it grows
and of the things it knows
and of the wind which blows
the dust in spiralled cones
its shape is uniform
delicate tendriled form
and mends a soul thats torn
revamped and thus reborn

it aims to desecrate you
elevate then deflate you
and leave you in the state to
push what you couldn't pull through
the lies are luminary
you lose the will to carry
the burden you can't bury
reshelved and left to worry

but worst of all in lacking
the passion or the pain which
should make the life worth living
the balance act thats giving
you reason to seek changes
or rearrange the stages
without the realization
your love's now lost and vacant
Track Name: Got A Way
you treat me anything but fair at all
yet shadows pass us and the night it falls
and you've got a magic that is yours alone-
which leaves me talking in a dulcet tone

you know a smarter man would play it cool
but so much easier to say then do
cause saying might convince a passerby
but in the face of love i can not lie

So damn the consequences and the hurt
Ill take what comes and wear it like a shirt
and on the sleeve the words "my heart" will stay
cause baby girl you know you've got a way

you make it hard to just forget the past
when every moment feels just like the last
is there nostalgia in the present tense
and afterglow before and after then?

so where to take this urge to satisfy
and to remind you of exactly why
i talk in tongues whenever you're around
because i'm humbled by the luck i've found

be it tomorrow or another time
defying doubt and things I can't define
i'll feel the same then as I do today
cause baby girl you know you've got a way